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Moving house can be a timely and stressful process which requires a lot of planning in advance. You may not know where to start with this process, especially if it is your first time. Estate agencies can help you through this process by giving you advice and support on the buying and selling process. However, not everyone may want to go down this route and it can sometimes be costly too. Therefore, this article will give some brief tips for preparing to move:


It’s always a good idea to start decluttering before moving house as early as possible. You don’t have to do it all in one day but starting months in advance can help reduce stress and make packing a breeze. Focus on one room at a time, and make sure to consider your new house when selecting items. You can hire an Edinburgh waste disposal company to uplift your unwanted items for a hassle-free declutter process.

Packing In Advance

Streamlining your wardrobe in advance of your move can help you minimize the number of items to pack. Make an inventory of the items you’ll need to take with you. For instance, you can put away any clothes that you won’t be using in the next few weeks. For your move, choose two or three outfits that you can wear on the last day of your stay. Pack your shoes separately and choose comfortable pairs to wear during the move.

Important Documents

Keeping important documents close to hand when moving to a new house requires a proactive approach. One of the best ways to keep important documents close by is by creating electronic versions of them. You should always research and ask an agency which documents you will need to keep for long-term purposes to avoid any issues or legal problems when you begin the moving process.


One of the most important tasks for a new homeowner or tenant is move-in cleaning. The previous occupants left behind a lot of dirt, grime, dust, and other remnants that should be cleaned before moving in. This can be a challenging task, but it will ensure that everything is in good shape for your move. It sets a great first impression to the buyer if the house is in its best condition. It gives them a chance to start fresh too.


it may be worth carrying out some renovations before you move out of your old property. Renovations do not have to be major such as new kitchen installations, driveways, gardens etc. But can be simply touches like painting the walls, fixing exposed wires, broken handles, replacing faulty switches etc. It makes the property much easier to sell and can benefit your valued profit.