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A LinkedIn email extractor  extension or email tracker is a powerful email marketing tool that helps in tracking the email addresses of your customers, prospects and potential customers.  Emails are gathered through trawling through LinkedIn and gathering freely accessible information. Most of the organizations today, use email marketing to promote their products and services. However, this tool has some limitations as the main emailing platforms do not support the tracking of email addresses. To overcome these limitations, an email extractor was developed so that all emailing activities can be tracked easily. A LinkedIn email extractor extension is an excellent way through which you can speed up this process and access new prospect emails quickly and effectively when doing your work.

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Why Are Emails Important For Business?

This emailing platform was developed by Hotmail, Gmail, Yahoo and other popular email service providers so that all emailing activities can be tracked easily. These tools are extremely beneficial in business development since it enables one to identify the right audiences for the marketing programs. It is not possible to develop a robust business without any sort of targeting and tracking options. Emailing can become really costly when it becomes the main source of communication with the customers.

Using a email extractor tool extension on LinkedIn is one of the best emailing tool in the market which allows easy monitoring of the emailing activities of a business organization. This tool can be used to manage multiple emailing lists. This includes address lists, email addresses, and even contact information. Targeting of the content and messages is possible using this useful application. It also provides an improved level of security due to its multi-level protection and moderation facilities.

Managing Email Marketing

Email marketing is a vital part of promoting a business or product and the most effective method used for this purpose is emailing. However, the results obtained through emailing are more often than not generated through email addresses and this tool on LinkedIn helps in identifying the emailing pattern used by employees. Targeting of business leads is possible as well as segmentation of the market for better results. With the help of this tool, you can easily generate business leads and measure their success.

Another important aspect related to emailing is the quality of the email which is sent to the potential clients. The emails must be conversational and natural to make a lasting impression on the customers. Using the LinkedIn email extractor extension  helps you to get hold of the right kind of business leads and track them effectively. It also helps you make more informed decisions regarding the emailing campaigns and track the response of the campaign.


LinkedIn has a very strong tracking mechanism. All your efforts can be traced back if any of the action is not followed by the concerned person. This tool allows the user to get all his/her data including the emailing campaigns, action taken, the time and date that the email was opened, link clicked and so on. All this data can be provided to the administrator of LinkedIn. With the help of emailing profiles, businesses can save lots of time and money as well. Ultimately, the LinkedIn email extractor extension tool is an excellent way through which you can gather important key data to help benefit your business