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Airdrie town in North Lanarkshire

When putting together a nursery, the key is choosing a focal point. This will dictate the colour scheme. For example, a brightly coloured crib will stand out against lighter colours. Another good choice for a focal point is the artwork. If you’re decorating a small space for an Airdrie nursery, you can choose artwork that matches the colour scheme of the room.

Read on for other tips on our guide to choosing a nursery in Airdrie.

bright and colourful nursery room for children

Multitasking furniture

One of the best ways to save space and create a multi-functional nursery is by purchasing multitasking furniture. This can be a crib or changing table with integrated drawers and storage space. You can also choose furniture with multiple functions, such as ottomans that also have storage space.

Multitasking furniture is always a plus in a small space, so it’s important to choose furniture that has several uses. Floating shelves are a great option for maximizing vertical space, while wall hooks are great for storing various items. Another good option for multitasking furniture is a dresser/changing station combo.

Non-gender specific decor

The benefits of gender-neutral decor in a Scottish nursery are many. The nursery can be designed in any colour or design, and items can be found in a variety of shapes and sizes. The nursery can also be personalized with a child’s name and birth date. It’s also possible to decorate the nursery with items that promote learning.

Colours can make a nursery seem more exciting, and you can combine your child’s favourite interests with your own. For example, a nursery that celebrates circus themes can be decorated with a colourful mobile. You can combine the colours of the circus with neutral accents, such as grey and white.

Open space playground

While open space playgrounds are ideal for young children, not all locations have these facilities. Luckily, there are many ways to create a great play environment for your children. Your local home improvement store can help you get started. They have many different resources for playgrounds, including sensory bins, bird feeders, and raised garden beds. But as Ursula Kolbe points out, choose the highest quality materials possible for your playground.

Think about the theme of your playground. It will make your child’s time on the playground more interesting and engaging. Choose colours that are uplifting and that encourage imaginative play. Try to incorporate primary colours into your play space, which is a good way to capture your child’s imagination. Also, choose toys that are age appropriate.

Nursery sickness policy

If you’re choosing a nursery for your child, it’s important to be clear on the nursery’s sick policy. In general, a good nursery will have a policy which states exactly when your child should go home if they’re unwell, as well as how long they should stay home. Many nurseries also have a key worker policy, where a key worker is assigned to your child and will be your main contact. This person will talk to you and your child during drop-off and pick-up and will be the main person to contact if you or your child are unwell.

Sickness policies vary widely between nurseries, but one thing to look for is how long you’ll have to wait for your child to feel better before they’re allowed to return to the nursery. For example, if your child’s eye discharge is thick and red, it’s probably not safe to return to the nursery until they’ve improved. Similarly, if your child has allergies, they’ll need to be declared on the child’s induction form. You must describe the severity of the allergies and any controls you’ve put in place. These forms will be stored in your child’s file and displayed where staff can see them.