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Editing Is A Skill

Having a great idea and being able to communicate it well are important, but so is being able to write clearly. A good editor can turn a wall of incomprehensible words into something that is not only understandable but that also gets across those ideas very well.

Editors are also able to improve word choice and usage to make the writing more interesting and appropriate for the intended audience. This may be as simple as replacing’said’ with words like’retorted’, ‘gushed’, or ‘demanded’

Saves Time

A good editor will be able to cut out unnecessary words, improve word choice and pick up those pesky little errors you didn’t spot. But editors don’t just edit for grammar and punctuation; they also look at content, flow and readability. They’ll help you decide whether your sentences are clunky or overlong and will question the wording of certain phrases such as “retorted” instead of “said”. They can also offer suggestions for improving tone and clarity of voice.

Saves Money

Editors have a strong grasp of the English language and are adept at finding grammatical errors. They also have the ability to look at the big picture while focusing on details, which is a critical part of their job. They are a key link between authors and the reading public, working on rewrites, editing for consistency, and ensuring that their work is factually correct.

Editors often have a university degree in subjects like English literature, history or communications. In addition, they have experience and a reputation as a professional. Many editors work at publishing houses or on a freelance basis. Others may work in industries such as law, medicine or manufacturing.