Mouse Tails

I had a mouse in my house. (side note-or as Xander likes to call it a rat. No I have never had a rat in my house but my 12 year old insists on calling a tiny baby mouse a rat and instilling deep fear into anyone who enters my home) Complete with beady little eyes, sharp teeth, a pointy nose, and a long tail.

My goal from the time I saw this creature was to see it DEAD. Yes…. that is correct. I didn’t want to be humane and release it back into mouse society. I wanted it to suffer a thousand horrible deaths and then kill it again. All for the sake of my sanity of course. Because I HATE MICE. I repeat HATE THEM. I would rather make out with a Baldwin (side note-Alec excluded since he is really hawt… one of the other greasy ones.) then have a mouse it my house.

I know you are all thinking “How RUDE! Mice are so cute”… and blah blah blah. But I think you are basing your thought process on the following:

The famouse (side note-get it??? fa MOUSE??? ahahahah) Jerry from Tom and Jerry.
I am not looking to off him. Just his evil real life counter parts.
Looky… I love Fievel just as must as the next girl.
Heck I can even sing like him. Well at least I
could before puberty. (side note-wondering
if puberty affects female voices. Do research later)
Disclaimer-I am only support LEGAL mouse immigration.
I LOVE Mickey.
I would actually invite him into my house with
no threats of death or dismemberment.
The only place I want to see a REAL LIVE HONEST TO GOSH MOUSE
is in one of these:

WAIT! How did that picture get in there?!?!? It is a really
fun game though. Except for the set up. That took forever!

But surely in one of these!!!!!

My name is Stephanie and I killed a mouse….


AND… I would do it again!

Disclaimer-My house is now mouse free and has ALWAYS been RAT FREE!

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