Ode to McDiet Coke

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There is nothing better than an ice cold Diet Coke.  And I have made no secret of how much I adore it.  But, do you know where my go-to location is to obtain the sweet nectar of the Gods (aka McDiet Coke)?  Well McDonald’s of course.

There are so many places to go that have Diet Coke.  But if you are a connoisseur, such as myself, you know all Diet Coke is not created equally.  Some ”other restaurants” may have a bitter taste, some are too flat, and some may have too much syrup.  It makes you appreciate the right so much more when you know about all the things that could go wrong.  And I can tell you the McDonald’s Diet Coke secret… There is no secret.  It’s all about proper maintenance, consistency, and McDonald’s company wide standards and quality control.  That is why you can buy a McDiet Coke in Utah, Arkansas, Japan, or Singapore and it will all taste the same.  It is the same for all their products from the hot and crispy fries to the all white meat Chicken McNuggets, no matter where you get them, they will be just how you like them.

I realize that some of you may also be singing the praises of McDiet Coke (looking at you Em) and some of you may have had experiences or issues that you want to let the company know about.  Maybe you have some suggestions that you want to be heard.  You may want to offer advice on old, new, or future products and menu items at McDonald’s.  That is why Family Arches is just for you.

Family Arches

Recently McDonald’s launched an online community, Family Arches.  It is for parents just like you.  Parents who are interested in what their kids and families are eating.  Parents who want to offer feedback.  Parents who really want to be HEARD.  It isn’t just for those who love all things McDonald’s.  It’s for anyone who want to work with a brand that actually cares what you think.  And if having someone truly listen isn’t enough… You have chances to win products, offer reviews, and get up to date company information.

At EVO Conference (oh… you don’t know about EVO?  You really should.  Check it out.) this year I got to be a part of the McDonald’s family for a few days of laughter, fun, and learning.  I watched the McDonald’s team listen,  share, and provide attendees with a delicious and awesome experience in their sponsor suite.  I saw them build a new community of friendships that will last.  And I can speak from experience that they do last.  This is my 2nd year of being part of the McDonald’s family at EVO.  I know that they listen.  I know that they care.  And I know that you will love being a part of the Family Arches community.  And I know they won’t forget to bring the Diet Coke.

***Compensated post as part of a sponsorship with McDonald’s.  But as you can see from all the aggregious grammar errors… The post

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  1. Oh, how I love my McDiet Coke. And Big Mac. And fries. And oatmeal. And parfait. Oh, and you.

  2. McDiet is the most amazing nectar of all the nectars on the planet. It is the King among pretenders. It is perfection. And if some cinnamelts happen to fall in my bag too…..so what?

  3. Okay who else is in the picture with you and Em…she totally looks familiar!? I want to say she use to tweet from Potted Pansy, maybe?

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