Love Kills

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Let me set the scene.  A warm Spring afternoon.  A fridge desperately short on cold and delicious nectar of the Gods.  I dutifully went to replenish the supply.  The large case was encased in shrink wrapped plastic.  I carefully select a knife to slice through the plastic, nothing too sharp.  I can’t risk damaging the goods.  I carefully place the dull blade upon the rigid plastic.  I press down… AND… POP!  A loud explosion.  Sweet, cool, bubbly liquid erupts.  I have done the unthinkable.

I have punctured the heart and soul of the one I love so dearly.  And in the aftermath… This is all that remains.

Love kills… And this is the evidence.

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  1. Chuckle!

  2. Oh, no!! BTW, I stopped at Holiday for a Diet Coke after breakfast. Damn that Diet Pepsi.

  3. You have superhuman strength.

  4. Needed the smile, thanks!

  5. :( poor poor can

  6. Murderer!

  7. Should I be afraid? Maybe. I think it would be best if you leave the soda stash up to the rest of us at EVO. Would hate for there to be any more casualties! ;)

  8. My sincere condolences to you on the loss of your can.

  9. I once left a Diet Coke too long in the freezer. Hey, it was a hot summer day. Needless to say, I was full of regret for weeks. Ok, maybe hours. I feel your pain.

  10. can murder!! they will put you in soda jail.. and yes I would do the same thing .. for the record

  11. this reminds me of european vacation when the stewardess asks chevy chase if he’d like it in the “can”. ;)

    btw – your logo/header & site colors totally make me happy.

  12. How did you do THAT with a butter knife, hysterical

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