Oodles of Noodles… & Company

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Disclaimer… The rumors are true.  I am a HUGE mac & cheese snob.  I turn my nose up at the stuff from the blue box.  If you try to fool me with some processed cheese sauce I may whip out my handy dandy throat punch.  Even those fancy boxed kinds aren’t good enough for my elitist pallette. 

That being said, I was a little nervous to attend a Mac & Cheese tasting at Noodles & Company.  You never know what you are going to get when ordering macaroni and cheese at a restaurant.  We have all paid 6 bucks for the kids menu mac & cheese only to find it to be the boxed variety.  And my complete lack of knowledge about Noodles & Company didn’t make my nerves go away.

Guess what?  My nerves… well they are stupid.  I had nothing to be worried about.  Noodles & Company uses makes their , only the highest grade pasta (made just for them), and even uses local produce when possible.  After hearing about that I wanted to know more about the company and of course the pasta!   Noodles & Company is community focused and love to give back.  In fact they even put their money where their mouth is.  Last year about 20% of their profit was donated to charity.  They also have community days where they welcome in local teachers, firefighters, etc. for free lunches.  Actions speak lounder than words… and they are like the Macarena of giving back.  Oh back to the mac & cheese….Noodles & Company has always had  Classic Mac & Cheese which, I found out, is far too delicious to share with the kiddies.  Okay, so I shared… but only because Emily’s little girl is too ADORABLE for words.

The Sugarhouse location of Noodles & Company rolled out the red… errr… cheese carpet for us and treated our taste buds to the 3 new (limited time) flavors of mac and cheese.  Which of the following flavor had me begging for more?

  •  Bacon, Mac & Cheeseburger-With crumbled meatballs, bacon, fresh breadcrumbs and roma tomatoes
  • Southwestern Chili Mac-Covered with spicy red chili and meatballs 
  • Truffle Mac with Baby Portabellas-Truffle oil?  Need I go on?

Can you guess which one I loved the most?  Drumroll please?  Okay I will even accept a pencilroll…

If you guessed the truffle one, you would be correct.  Seriously, who can resist truffle oil?  I am sure some people can but who wants to associate with those type of people?  Not I… not I.  Okay unless you’re allergic, then I will make an exception.  And for those of you who aren’t about the sophisticated flavors of gourmet mac and cheese?  Don’t worry, Noodles & Company has you covered with breads, soups, salads, and delicious noodley offerings. 

Why are you still reading this?  Walk, run, drive, boat, even DANCE your way to Noodles & Company and get some yummy in your tummy!

Noodles & Company invited Brian and I in for an afternoon of delicious delights. 

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  1. I looked it up after Emily’s post and didn’t see these on the menu yet. I am a big fan of mac and cheese, and of Noodles, but I like more stuff in my pasta, so these are perfect!

  2. I am craving mac and cheese now. I can’t wait to try out the new flavors.

  3. Love your photos! You got the bet one of Olivia for sure!

  4. John Fonta says:

    I bought the regular mac & cheese after reading this, and I’m very disappointed. Waste of $6. Tastes as watery as 99 cent Kraft. For $6 I expected premium-tasting mac & cheese like Panera Bread’s.

  5. Tina Patel says:

    I love love love your Mac and cheese. I tried making at home but not the same your cheese is the best.


  1. [...] The noodle-heavy menu is a matrix of styles (pasta bowls, soups sandiwches and salads) and ethnic cuisines (Italian, Asian and American. Apparently they do a mean Mac & Cheese. [...]

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